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    Redefining cyber security

    As your trusted cyber security advisor, Triad Security consultants provide strategic and innovative cyber security consultancy to clients’ complex business regarding dedicated cyber threats.

    About Triad Security

    Triad Security’s unique combination of vast experience and advanced Cyber Operation Center is the key in dealing with the complexities of tomorrow’s cyber-attacks.

    Triad Security puts cyber and information security risk management in context, enabling our customers to grasp new business opportunities without constraints.

    Triad Security’s many consulting services including consultancy, managed security and technology solutions, enable customers to continuously focus on their core business while Triad Security focus on managing cyber and information security risks.

    Triad Security believes in a holistic approach that covers the entire organization’s cyber security needs. Beginning with an assessment of the customer’s current security posture to a full security solution which is built upon Triad Security ‘s extensive experience.

    Our advanced security services focus on three major links in the Cyber chain:


    Our Services

    Established and Well known Information Security Consulting

    Security audits, Cyber Attack simulations, Security Risk Audits, Penetration Tests, Secure Architecture Design, SDLC (Secure Development Life Cycle) consulting process, Security Gap Analysis, Internal Audits, Advanced Cyber Awareness Programs, GRC (Governance and Compliance) consultation, Advise and guide the organization to international standards i.e. ISO 27001/2 ISMS, ISO 27032 (Cyber Security), etc. and CISO/CSO services to organization.

    Risk & Compliance

    In a constantly changing and ever-growing regulatory & compliance reality,...

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    Infrastructure Security

    Infrastructure security risk level management can be handled in different...

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    Application Security

    Application Security in an organization is all about risks and...

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    Risk & Compliance

    In a constantly changing regulatory & compliance reality, companies face multiple security challenges such as secure business demands implementation & management of cross-organization security processes. Triad Security will assist you in professionally embarking on the journey to a better security posture by providing a unified approach towards process adaptation, risk management & implementation in the organization.

    ISO 27001:2013 standard

    Triad Team can help you with your ISO 27001:2013 ranging from assessing your information security against the standard to helping you achieve certification to the ISO standards. As a consulting company with vast experience in the ISO field we fully understand what is required to achieve and maintain certification against the standard.

    ISO 27032:2012 standard

    Will help you ensure safety of online transactions and information exchange over the Internet. We nearly all rely on the internet for all kinds of day to day activities, both in business and personal lives, from sharing important work files to paying our bills. Cyber Security has become a key concern for all of us. A new ISO standard, 27032:2012, Information technology – Security techniques – Guidelines for Cyber Security, will make cyberspace safer for your organization. The ISO 27032 provides a framework for Information sharing, Coordination and Incident handling. The standard facilitates secure and reliable collaboration that protects the privacy of individuals in the cyber space. In this way, it can help to prepare, detect, monitor, and respond to attacks such as Social engineering attacks, Hacking, Malicious software (malware), APT’s, Spyware and other unwanted software.

    ISO 27018:2014 standard

    ISO/IEC 27018 establishes commonly accepted control objectives, controls and guidelines for implementing measures to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in accordance with the privacy principles in ISO/IEC 29100 for the public cloud computing environment.

    Infrastructure Security

    Infrastructure Security Icon

    Triad Security's unique approach focuses on exposing all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in order to determine the gap between the systems current security state and industry best practices.

    Infrastructure Penetration Testing

    An infrastructure network penetration test is a proven method of evaluating the weaknesses of your computing networks infrastructure by simulating a situation in which a malicious attacker from the outside world (internet) or as an internal authorized employee.

    Cyber Attacks and Red teaming

    Red teaming is a service that challenge the organization to improve its security defenses by being marked as a targeted. The targeted cyber-attack consists of different vectors being utilized to infiltrate and simulate modern cyber risks. The red team will utilize any means necessary to demonstrate and take over resources in the corporate environment.

    Security Audits

    Security audit is a systematic, measurable technical test of the organization's security employment of its policy. It is part of the process of maintaining effective security policies. Security audits provides the organization a way to measure itself in according to well-known technological best practices. The security audit will take into account your: Operating systems, services, network infrastructure – perimeter and internal networks, security defense systems, data security solutions and the human resources.

    Application Security

    Application Security Icon

    Triad application security experts assist the CISO and CSO by taking full responsibility over the field of application security and providing a holistic view of the processes involved.

    Client, Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    Triad Security’s team developed its own advanced application cyber testing methodology and combined it with OWASP methodologies to create a vast testing plan at the application level. Triad Security’s unique approach focuses on exposing all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the application in order to determine the gap between the application security state and the industry’s best practices.

    Security Development Lifecycle

    Triad Security’s team offers Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) guidance and consulting, as well as developer mentoring and ad-hoc security review during the code implementation phase. These services help avoid expensive redesign and patchwork coding efforts associated with non-secure design and systemic code implementation flaws which are often discovered too late in the development life cycle. Early detection of application vulnerabilities and prevention is far more secure and cost effective than implementing post- production security fixes.

    Application security vulnerability management

    Triad Security’s application security experts can contribute to the security aspects of the vulnerability management process in the development cycle that exist in the organization. The process is accompanied by professional consultants that support the remediation process, make it efficient and transparent to the CISO and the CSO.

    C(I)SO’s Application security trusted advisor

    Triad Security’s application security experts assist the CISO and CSO by taking full responsibility over the field of application security wholistic process.


    One of the biggest challenges that an organization takes on itself is creating a sound and stable environment in the era of cyber security. The need for a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)  in the organization is essential and he would take upon himself the total responsibility of achieving the security goals.

    Our Partners


    Application Security

    I would like to educate my developers on the new risks that they need to be aware of when they write new piece of code

    We strongly suggest having a short session with the development department emphasizing the risks within the WEB in the new era. We have a strong team that can provide the department with a frontal presentation on the application security issues and challenges.

    I want to simulate hacker activity on my application

    In order for you to actively simulate this activity we highly recommend  our penetration testing services that our Application Security Team provide.

    How do I know my application is secured?

    You need to map all the app's business and technological risks. As this is the first step in SDLC project.

    CISO As A Service

    I am a CISO who is looking for help with the technical challenges, where do I go from here?

    We serve as the right-hand "trusted advisor" of many global company’s around the globe. We can address those challenges together with you and provide an array of tools to overcome the challenges you face.

    I am a technical CISO and I need to present my yearly budget to the board members. Help!

    We would be happy to assist you with our CISO assistant teams which will help you build a budget according to your custom needs taking into consideration your business agenda and security risks.

    I need someone to take full responsibility of my company’s security leadership and help me achieve a better security position.

    We have the best highly skilled individuals to help you achieve that goal. We provide services that will help in guiding your organization in achieving new security goals. The Chief Information Security Officer would be your right hand risk advisor and together we will  embark on a journey  towards an all-around enhanced security posture.


    I am planning to approach a heavily secured and regulated market, can you help me deal with the challenge head on?

    We are accustomed to heavily regulated markets with various field of expertise. We have team who can help you approach any market with the vast knowledge and address each of the regulators demands.

    I would like to take my MSSP product forward, what would be my next step?

    Comply with the ISO 27018 standard. We can provide you assistance in achieving that goal as we are one of the few companies that accompanied Global MSSP’s to the Code of practice for protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in public clouds.

    I need to comply with the most comprehensive standard, what do you suggest?

    Comply with the ISO 27001-2013 standard. We can assist you in achieving that goal utilizing our team of experts on the matter and engage in a cross organization project.

    Infrastructure Security

    I would like to segregate my network correctly, can you assist?

    Of course. Our expert security CTO team would gladly guide you and even assist you in managing that project.

    I would like to provide my manager with a professional security product comparison, how would I go about that?

    As a non-biased, non-vendor 3rd party consulting company, we would be able to assist you in evaluating and choosing the rigth solution for you taking into consideration the vendor's offer, integrator's recommendations, your budget and business needs.

    I want to simulate an automated attack on my external facing infrastructure

    We would suggest performing an Infrastructure Security Audit which put your “Suit of Armor” to the test.